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Website Page Titles

While we have created your site with great page titles, you may wish to make changes at some point, this tutorial will help you do so.

Google's complex automated methods make human tampering with their search results extremely difficult, there are some things you can do to assist the search engines to make your web site more "search friendly".

All Thrift Store Websites take the information you submit during the sign up process and fill in certain fields in the web site structure.  The is one such field that starts out with your store name and city as entered from the sign up process. 

One often mentioned technique to make your site more "search friendly" is to expand the Page titles to include your city, and state etc. These things are included in the startup site.  However, if you create new pages, they may not be present.  These are terms that might be used in a keyword search by your prospective visitors.  In this manner you might enhance your site title from My Thrift Store'  to "Some Thrift Store in Somewhere, Some State, zip code - Page they are on" 

Note the example below from the Thrift Store Websites system fields as seen under the Edit Menu area:

We have basically created all the information you would ever need in this screen, but any new pages added might need some adjusting.  Be sure to fill in the title section with your business and city information.  This will help Google to be sure that the link is appropriate for the search.