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Photo Album Page

Each Thrift Store Website comes with a Photo Album installed.  You can choose to use this page or hide it. 

To edit anything in your photo album page, you will need to go to Edit Special.


Once in Edit Special, you will see the Photo Album manager.  Here you can add different albums, add pictures, delete pictures, organize pictures and more.


You can delete the image we have placed in your start up site by clicking on the Trash Can in the image box.


Next You can change the name and information of the album we created for you by changing the information below and clicking on Save.


Next you can either create sub-menus to separate out your images or start uploading images.


You will get the same screen, but you will get an image upload box if you choose Add A Photo.


Fill out the information and click Add Image or Save, depending on which option you picked.

Close the window and you will see your images!  As always you can also click on Edit Content and place content above the photo album.