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Creating a Choices List


Making Selection Lists may need some further explanation.  Selection lists are those cool "pull down" lists you see in may web site forms:



Start by selecting Add a selection list.  Then give your list a Field Label.  For Choices type in each name followed by a vertical line separator (the pipe key).

The key to making selection lists is to separate each item by a vertical key stroke using the pipe key on your keyboard (the one under the "Backspace" key which creates the "|" type face).

You can add as many choices as you would like for names, terms, Months, Years or any other list.  Set the Default value to "a"; your prompt is "Select One"; the list size is "1" and then you can select from a list,   radio buttons or check boxes.  Try all 3 kinds of lists to experiment with the one you like best or try a variety as needed.


Click on Update, then close the window.